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Meet Your Fitness Boot Camp Instructor- Sara Pelc

Lincoln Park Fitness Boot Camp Instructor   Sara Pelc is Five Star Fitness Boot Camps’ 2014 Lincoln Park Instructor. She is an NASM-certified personal trainer who is passionate about help people get into the best shape of their lives. To learn more about Sara please check out her profile here: Sara Pelc Our Lincoln Park location is on Grove #3 near the convergence of Stockton and LaSalle. Why don’t your let Sara get you into the
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Female Body Fat

Get Real Body Fat Solution for 2014:

A Five Step Plan for Women We all know that there is something about the holiday season and the coming new year that causes us to reflect on the past year, take account of good and bad decisions we’ve made and make then make a commitment, a resolution, to refocus on the areas we have neglected. Losing body fat is always the top New Year’s resolution. Its a controversial subject that demands thoughtful decision making and intelligent c
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Holiday Fitness Strategy: Three Diet and Fitness Tactics

We all love Holiday Festivities and there is no reason to be a food scrooge this year. There is no way I am missing my Aunt Eva’s pecan pie, or my turkey and mashed potatoes. And I am certainly going to ring in 2014 in style. The average American gains seven pounds of fat between Thanksgiving Day and New Years Day. Here are three tactics I use to make it through the season while maintaining my current body weight. 1. Four-Day Meal Pass- First, ov
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How Fat are You? -The Skinny on Body Fat Percentage

American College of Sports Medicine, ACSM, defines obesity of fat percentage over 25% for males and over 32% for females. It doesn’t make sense that a percentage almost equal to, or higher than the obesity percentage to be considered healthy. A healthy body fat percentage range for men is between 8–22% and for women, 20–35% as outlined by ACSM, according to The National Council for Certified Personal Trainers. Check your percentage here. Find you
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Not All Fats Are The Same- the Skinny about Fats

What you should do if you want to lose weight? The most common response is, “Stay away from fatty foods!”. Well it’s true- fatty foods are over twice as calorically dense as carbohydrates and proteins, and when consumed in excess will contribute weight gain. But consuming dietary fat in moderation, especially Omega 3 fatty acids, is vital for optimal health. Now, I am not talking about saturated fats found in nacho’s, chic
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Plank Relay at Five Star Fitness Boot Camps

Welcome to uActive Fitness Blog

Five Star Fitness Boot Camps Kicks-off 2013 with the Debut of uActive Welcome to uAcitve fitness blog! McLain Active Personal Fitness and Five Star Fitness Boot camps is excited to debut today what will become the premier fitness blog in Chicagoland. In the coming weeks we will share the latest in fitness through a series of columns and videos such as, Fitness in 60 Seconds, Trainer in the Kitchen, and McLain Active Recommends. Of course, youR
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